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Check out what Alan has written for the online publication Wineskins.
June 2016 - Elijah's Other Mountaintop Experience: A Story for the Future of Churches of Christ
Here's a list of our favorite posts from each month.  Enjoy!

September 2014 - starting small

August 2014 - MacGuffins and Discipleship

July 2014 - Worship and Missions

June 2014 - Showing Up

May 2014 - Grace is found in the middle of... and They Never Met

April 2014 - Marketing and Traditional Medicine and Quirky Easter: Growing up Church of Christ and Re-discovering the Resurrection 

March 2014 - The Quest 

February 2014 - Discipleship in the Dark

October 2013 - Apprenticing Animals

September 2013 - Hobbits and Homes

July 2013 - Stuff Interns Say

April 2013 - Superman and Sabbath

March 2013 - The Call of the Sea

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