Thursday, April 7, 2011

Under Construction

It has begun.  This week we (mostly) finished our storage/guest building and broke ground on the main house.  I’m also posting some other pictures of some of the other things happening at the land right now (not including the Westerholm’s cob house construction which deserves its own post).  The large pavilion for seminars and meetings was just finished on Tuesday and we put it to use right away to host the last day of a farming seminar for a Leprosy group here in our province.  Keep all our team’s construction work in your prayers – especially as we try to balance it with ministry as well.


Storage building and some guest space


Working on our cistern


Digging the foundation for our house (I hired 18 guys and we finished most of it in one day – no backhoes here!)


compressed earth bricks ready to go


Jeremy lining up the teacher house


the new gate (almost finished)


the newly finished meeting pavilion (way to go Jeremy!)


the leprosy group after finishing up the farming seminar

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  1. That is AWESOME! How exciting to see it coming together!