Friday, September 27, 2013

Dr. Seuss and Breaking Bad

In the dark theater, the audience watched in anticipation as the movie reached its climax.  On the screen, the antagonist hung precariously over the ravine and as the hero clutched the bad guy’s arm, he contemplated his choice.  Would he rescue his enemy or would he let him fall to a death he deserved?  While the audience held their breath, anticipating the hero’s decision, the silence was pierced by a little boy’s shrill voice hollering out his own judgment on what should be done with the villain:

“Kill him!”

I was that little boy.  Now while I do not think of myself as a violent person, that story reminds me how all humans hunger for justice and punishment.  As children, we cry out in protest if something isn’t fair.  As adults, we claim that we want people to get what they deserve… well, maybe we want other people to get what they deserve.   This, though, is not the gospel story...

To read more, check out the rest of my recent post at Story Warren. Then be sure and poke around their website - they have some great resources for encouraging creativity in children.

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