Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Greater Glow

There’s a house for sale in a good neighborhood. It sits on a little rise, slightly above its neighbors, enjoying a prominent location. But, although the house gets lots of enquires and plenty of foot traffic, there have been no serious offers. The realty agency is puzzled and since the owner is a friend, one day the head agent decides to accompany a young couple to take a tour of the property. As they round the corner and the house comes in to view, everyone in the car notices the way it seems to shine.

Pulling up to the mailbox, the couple is filled with excitement and anticipation as they imagine what it would be like to make this house their home. But, as they approach the front door, the agent is shocked to notice some serious problems. There’s a visible crack in the foundation. Rotting boards on the porch have been “hidden” by a thick coat of paint. And the story inside is even worse. The husband frowns. His wife politely asks, “Do you have any other houses in this neighborhood?”

It’s a familiar tale. Some person or thing seems to shine brightly from a distance but, as one gets closer, it is evident that their brilliance is mostly a facade. 
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